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The Ambulatory Care Center participates with all major insurance companies in our region. The Center is a certified Medicare and Medicaid participant. Our in network contracts include all Horizon NJ Blue Shield products including Horizon Casualty Workman’s Compensation programs, Aetna, AmeriChoice, AmeriHealth, First Managed Care Option, Cigna and soon United HealthCare just to name a few. As a courtesy we will bill your insurance; however you will be responsible for any deductible or co-payment upon rendering of services.  On behalf of our patients, the Ambulatory Care Center will negotiate with all third party payers out of network benefits and price reductions.


Surgeon’s Bill:
For any procedure or surgery performed at ACC your surgeon’s  office will submit a  bill/statement for the services provided by the surgeon. The billing for the surgical component should be discussed between you and the surgeon.  The payment owed to the surgeon is for his/her professional services.

The ACC will begin the billing process with the insurance information you provided. ACC will submit a bill/statement from the surgery center for the surgical/technical services provided by the surgery center. Facility charges are items or services (supplies, medication, equipment and staff) that are directly related to the actual surgery.  We suggest that you contact your insurance carrier and review your yearly benefits. All co-payments and deductible are the patients’ responsibility and are due at the time of services. If you have any questions about your bill/statement please feel free to contact our facility.

A separate bill will be sent to you from the anesthesia group for providing the anesthesia services. Should you have any questions about insurance participation, coverage or payment you should contact them directly by retrieving the appropriate information from any correspondence you receive on their behalf.

If your physician orders pre-admission testing you will be billed separately from the laboratory where you had the testing performed.

If your surgeon removes any tissue for examination the specimen will be sent to Lab Core/Diannon.  You may receive a bill from them for the examination preformed by the Pathologist.

Durable Medical Equipment:
Your surgeon may prescribe Durable equipment to aid you in your recovery. Items such as braces, ice packs, slings, etc... These items are for post-operative care which is not part of your facility charges. You may receive a bill from the service provider.

Ambulatory Care Center accepts most major Credit Cards
(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Care Credit)


ACA Section 1557

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