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1. Will a robe be provided when I change my clothes to enter the operating room?
Although the traditional hospital gown will be provided for you to enter the sterile environment of the operating room, if you feel more comfortable, you may bring a FRESHLY laundered bathrobe with you. This robe will be removed prior to your entrance into the operating room and held for your return.

2. Will my friends and family be permitted to leave the building while I am in surgery? 
Yes, cell phone numbers are requested as a point of contact for the party providing transportation. If you do not have a cell phone one will be provided. However, the parents of minors are asked to remain in the building.

3. Is food and drink available in the building?
No. A soft drink is provided to the post operative patient, however family members are asked not to eat or drink while in the building.

4. Do I need to remove my nail polish?
Yes, we request nail polish to be removed.

5. Do I need to remove my body piercing?
Yes all body piercing and jewelry must be removed and left home.

6. Will I have the chance to meet with the anesthesiologist prior to my surgery?
Yes, upon your arrival at the Ambulatory Care Center you will be interviewed by the anesthesiologist. He will ask you a series of questions regarding your medical history and do a brief physical examination. He will discuss with you the different type of anesthesia and which he will prescribe for you.

7. What if I have latex allergies?

  1. If you suspect you are allergic to latex do you exhibit itching, sneezing, shortness of breath or wheezing when you come in contact with latex products?
  2. If you have had previous surgery or dental procedures have you exhibited the above symptoms?
  3. Are you allergic to banana, papaya, avocado, kiwi, other stone fruits tomato, raw potato, or chestnuts?
  4. Have you been informed by your physician that you have a rubber or latex allergy?

If you have answered yes to any of the above please contact your surgeon and he will determine if you are a candidate for surgery at the Ambulatory Care Center.

If you have any additional questions for our nursing staff please call us prior to your arrival.

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